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Scuba Diving

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Male, 47 years old
$1,000,000 coverage, 20-year term

Health Issues
  • Digestive disorders - ulcerative colitis, diagnosed 30 years ago, multiple hospitalizations, lost and gained roughly 25 pounds within last 2 years - ileostomy is a future option
  • Family History of Cancer - mother, died at age 72 from leukemia
  • Family History of Diabetes - father is alive, developed diabetes in his 70's
  • Family History of Heart Conditions - father is alive, currently has congestive heart failure in his 80's
  • Elavil, Emuran, Remicade, and Sulfalazine
Lifestyle Issues
  • Scuba diving certification - PADI - recreational
  • Foreign travel - Cancun and France
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Lifestyle Issues
Auto Racing
Mustang Racing
Pilot License
Rock Climbing
Scuba Diving